farm city!

riding the rods.

November 30, 2010
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I have a thing about trains. Always wanted to ride ’em. Always wanted to travel like a hobo – down and dirty, wind in my hair, yadda yadda.
Now it seems the only people who ride trains are crusty punks. And while I was once asked, seriously, recently, if I was a crusty punk, I’m not. Have never been. And so ya, I was offended. I’ve actually had a job. For real.
Crusties aside, this shit looks fun, right?
And so I’ve spent my morning, drinking stovetop espresso, listening to this gutter-punk/folk-fusion revival on youtube and looking at photos here.


November 30, 2010
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“I think about other things while she describes her recent past: air, water, sky, time, a moment, a point somewhere when I wanted to show her everything beautiful in the world. I have no patience for revelations, for new beginnings, for events that take place beyond the realm of my immediate vision. A young girl, a freshman, I met at a bar in Cambridge my junior year at Harvard told me early one fall that ‘Life is full of endless possibilities.’ I tried valiantly not to choke on the beer nuts I was chewing while she gushed this kidney stone of wisdom, and I calmly washed them down with the rest of a Heineken, smiled and concentrated on the dart game that was going on in the corner.”
[Bret Easton Ellis].

tunnel people.

November 29, 2010
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Teun Voeten. Photojournalist. Dutch.

In 1994/95, Voeten spent five months living, sleeping and working in a tunnel underneath Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The result is his book on New York’s tunnel people, an intimate glimpse at a weird, and now-extinct (Amtrak kicked everyone out in 1996), subcultural lifestyle in America.
Voeten has taken photos all over the world – mostly specializing in war and conflict zones. Check out his other work here.


November 28, 2010

Manhole Covers. City of Milan. Italy.

After a week in NewYorkCity, I’m back + inspired by the art in the street.
Here, the Don Gallery and the City of Milan team up with five street artists to design a series of manhole covers. The five artists are Shepard Fairey, Invader, The London Police, Flying Fortress and Rendo.
Neat right?

sippin’ on the sizzurp.

November 13, 2010
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Peter Beste. Photographer. New York.

Peter Beste takes interesting photos of subcultural activities.
These photos are from a series about Houston Rap. I’ve been interested in this scene for awhile now – mostly because of the sizzurp, a combination of soda pop and codeine coughsyrup that seems like a lot of fun. Mix this drug-drank with the slowed-down, superslowjams of DJ Screw and everyone’s gonna get so low.
Anyway, Beste has lots of photos, they’re all worth checking out, but these ones feature the drank.


November 9, 2010
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Buff Diss. Street Artist. Melbourne, Australia.

“I could spend the rest of my life finding derelict warehouses and just playing in their rooms, just leaving art in the rooms and just like interpreting different spaces and just having a conversation with old buildings.”
Buff Diss (from an interview that can be seen here).

Buff Diss is kind of a graffiti artist, though all of his work is done with masking tape, leaving it in a legal gray area – none of his work damages property.
I like his approach to busted-up, broken city spaces and his subject matter is right up my alley – ships, trains, buildings. He’s super-prolific and has tons of his stuff on flickr.

the pathway to fitness

November 8, 2010
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The Book of the Bicycle. Roger St. Pierre. 1973.

Thrift store find…
I own a bunch of books about bikes – almost all of them published in the 1970s, that heyday of bicycles.
I like this one especially because of two chapters: one about the children, brainwashing them into loving bikes and the other is about fixed-gears, which I like because I ride one everyday.