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Chicken Life // Toronto Life

December 16, 2011
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Back-Yard Chicken Underground. Toronto Life. Photos by Kevin Hewitt.

I don’t usually read Toronto Life magazine, but this spread does it right. I’ve been working with a lot of the folks pictured above to change the laws around, basically, FARM CITY. A lot of people in Toronto, and elsewhere, wanna keep hens to promote food security, to create community and to eat well. I’m hoping that a new bylaw will be going forward in the new year. EXCITING TIMES FOR THE FUTURE OF FARM CITY // CITY FARM!


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December 15, 2011
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Film North Festival by Concrete Design. Toronto.


Film North, Huntsville International Film Festival, is the newest place for a small, simple, excellent festival in a remote location. Huntsville is a two hour drive north of Toronto, in the beautiful lake district setting of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Movie lovers can continue after attending the Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF, the first two weekends of September, to the lovely setting of Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, the third weekend of September. Our mandate is to create a user – friendly environment for emerging Canadian and International Filmmakers to exhibit, promote, entertain and inform the audience. We are an incorporated non profit organization. Our board of Directors are from the film, arts and business sectors. The founders are residents of Toronto and Huntsville, with backgrounds in the Film and Arts professions.

The branding presents the festival, and the town of Huntsville, as an unpretentious, welcoming place for young talent from around the world. Concrete combined standard festival imagery – like the Cannes laurel leaves – with northern Canadiana kitsch. This approach capitalizes on a great part of the Canadian psyche – the ability to make fun of ourselves.

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December 13, 2011
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The city is a nice place you always think about escaping…
By klisterpete and akay.

High in a rocky tree-covered area between two busy highways, a minature Swedish summer cottage painted traditional red with white trim suddenly appeared. Of course, it didn’t actually appear, klisterpete and akay carried it up there. They built the red picket fence to surround the tiny grassy area. They hung the clothes line across the yard. They brought the promise of the swedish countryside everyone wants to escape to, right into the middle of the city. They took an unused, unappreciated space and made it a charming and peaceful place of wonder despite the traffic below, the train passing on its tracks behind, buildings stretching out farther behind those…

What if more people made the places they ARE the places they WANT TO BE? It’s not so hard.


>>>I found out about AKAY from V.