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December 20, 2010
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Roy Orbison / Fred Squire.

I saw Fred Squire play last night at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto. Good show, as usual. Also as usual, I found myself thinking that Fred and Roy look a lot alike. So here’s a compare / contrast for y’all.
The final photo features two of my other favourites, Daniel Romano and east-coast heart-throb Julie Doiron.



December 17, 2010
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Tarek Al-Zand. Photographer. Haligonian.

Tarek lives and shoots film in Halifax. He also runs CKDU, Halifax’s campus/community radio station. More of his Common work here.

more than cooks are we.

December 16, 2010
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Jonathan Levitt. Photographer. Gastronomer. Agriculturalist.

I like this guy. His photos of food, the production of food, the people behind it all – so crisp, vivid, beautiful. Also, according to his CV, he has a Bachelors in sustainable agriculture, he’s graduated from culinary school and he has a Masters in gastronomy. So many shared interests…
He lives in Maine.


December 14, 2010
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December 14, 2010

“Things are so fucked up it seems pathetic to try to be a useful citizen. Like if you’re going to play the game why not go all the way and sell out completely. But if you’re too disgusted to sell out, the only other options are to escape or to try to tear things down. And I can’t even escape into academics, because I had to watch my father be a professor. Every marxist I know has a life where it’s think by day and drink by night. How could I choose a thing like that? I watch your fingers and your eyes and I feel so envious. You’re in this position where you’re really good at what you do. But I’m here and I can’t imagine moving.”

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terrifying + hopeful.

December 8, 2010
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Robyn O’Neil. Graphite on Paper. Nebraskan.

These photos hardly do Robyn O’Neil’s work justice – they’re massive (in scale), mechanical-pencil drawings of Man and Nature. I first heard about her in an issue of The Believer from a few years back and have had one of her works on my bedroom wall ever since.
Being a Werner Herzog fan, I was intrigued by her advice to artists everywhere:
“Obsess about Werner Herzog. He’s the best artist there is. You’ll watch and listen to all of his films constantly. His commentary tracks will be infinitely galvanizing.”

December 8, 2010
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“Why do men cry at night? Because of fights and feats and marathon preferment, because the want their mothers, because they are blind in time, because of all the hard-ons they have to whistle up out of the thin blue yonder, because of all that men have done. Because they can’t be happy or sad anymore – only smashed or nuts. And because they don’t know how to do it when they’re awake. And then there is the information, which comes at night.”

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saturday evening.

December 8, 2010
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Norman Rockwell. Illustrator. Painter. Photographer. 1894-1978.


I never cared much for photorealism. I guess because I like photography a lot. And it seems that photorealism is just a technical-talent-wank on canvas – doesn’t leave much space for the imagined, for creativity. And so I never really cared for Norman Rockwell.
But then, I saw the recent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, ‘Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera’ and I was intrigued. He’s a talented illustrator and super-meticulous about arranging and photographing all the scenes he painted. And so much of his subject matter is right up my alley – in just these two works, he incorporates books, axes, tattoos, sailors & woodsmen. I guess I was converted by the art…