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canadian cultural landscapes.

April 15, 2010
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Canada Wheat Board Trains.

Canadian Wheat Board design is pretty solid – a modern logo combined with traditional typeface. I’m happy to see these train-cars grace the rails of this great land.


goddamn the cpr.

January 6, 2010
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Canadian Pacific Rail. 1881 – Present.

Art by G.Y. Kaufmann, 1924.

Art by Norman Fraser, 1937.

Art by Peter Ewart, 1947.

Art by Roger Couillard, 1955.

Four decades of rail-travel-ads.
Train is the best way to travel, mostly because of the style. Conductors’ aesthetic, dining car elegance, great posters.
I first encountered Kaufmann’s 1924 poster on the wall of an old lover of mine. Made me dig deeper into the golden age of print advertising, look further into the loveliness of train-travel.
Though I’ve driven a car, ridden in a bus, flown by plane, hitchhiked – basically criss-crossed this country many times over – I’ve never taken a train all the way West. It’s a dream of mine, to get one of those ‘sleeping cars’ and a three-piece suit, ride in style.
Check out the CPR site for a really great graphic history.