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May 1, 2010
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May Day / Jane Jacobs.

Today’s May Day, International Workers’ Day.
I spent the day in Halifax, participating in a ‘Jane’s Walk’ – a celebration of cities, this city in particular. The walk takes it’s name from the legendary Jane Jacobs – a rad, inspiring woman. In the 1960s she wrote about urban communities, planning and design in ways that are still resonant today.
[The bottom photo is of Jacobs, riding a bike].
And so we walked. And talked. And it was good.


Farm City Living.

December 11, 2009
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Spacing Atlantic. Urban Issues Blog. Autumn 2009.

New markets are popping up all over the city. Whether it’s from a North End street-side market or one found in a South End parking lot, more and more people are buying local food. Although most Haligonians embrace the local food movement, Halifax city council isn’t on board; at least when it comes to urban poultry. The beginning of 2008 saw city council taking a stance against food security with its decision to ban backyard laying hens. Almost two years later, it seems that urban agriculture enthusiasts and amateur chicken farmers will get another chance to plead their case…

Read more about Halifax chickens here.


November 27, 2009
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Here’s an illustration I did for the Spacing Atlantic blog.

My buddy Thom Bator wrote an article about the worst intersection in Halifax. I was happy to help with the visual.

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