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for future generations.

February 15, 2010
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Parks Canada.


top shelf.

February 2, 2010
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That Salty Air. Tim Sievert.

I just read a bunch of graphic novels / comics that I got at the library. None of them were that great, but this one had some really great elements.

Page one features a bicycle-riding postman. I like that.
The next best thing about the short novel is the tag on the back cover.
It reads:

Graphic Novels / Nautical Literature / Oceanic Revenge / Seaside Heartbreak

Any novel with tags like that is worth reading, is right up my alley.

That Salty Air is Tim Sievert‘s first novel. It’s published by Top Shelf Productions.

revolutionary equipment.

January 4, 2010
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Ivan E. Coyote. Bow Grip.

“I hung up hard, wishing I didn’t always sound like such a fucking idiot on the voicemail. For some reason, answering machines always made my heart pound. Something about my words being on a machine; a permanent record of me not knowing what to say.”

I just finished reading this novel about a man whose wife leaves him after five years of marriage, leaves him for the big city, leaves him for another woman.
And then I found this advertisement for a revolutionary concept. Featuring the telephone. And answering equipment.
I guess I was drawn to this particular quote because I am anti-message. I never leave them and don’t have voicemail service, so people can’t leave me messages either.
Maybe I’m scared of the permanence, but I think I’m actually always too-caught-off-guard, not witty enough…


December 6, 2009
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Nick Cave.

I’ve been listening to Murder Ballads by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds over and over again. Incredibly composed, beautiful album about a number of gruesome murders – a whole album’s worth.
Just watched The Proposition, a film written by Nick Cave set in the Australian outback, a wild-western of sorts. Also features a number of horrific murders.
Finally, I came across this beautiful letterpress version of Nick Cave’s novel And the Ass Saw the Angel published by Black Spring Press. I’m going to read the novel and naturally I’d love to have one of those £425 hand-bound in leather versions. Check it out.

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