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skins. | March 5, 2010

Gavin Watson. Photographer.

This shit is real.
Watson started taking photos of his friends and family (his brother Neville is on the BMX bike) when he was a 14 year-old skinhead in the UK. I dig the style of photo and the style of the kids in the pics: the leftover mod look of the 1960s – the too-short pants, the plaid, the suspenders are all found these days in the Halifax young-farmer scene. Weird cycles, huh?
The colour photograph at the end is a self-portrait of Watson (and a girlfriend?).



  1. Hi Andres. Just came across your page. I collect internet stuff on interest in Gavins work. I am in the process of digitally archiving his film library, 30.000 images so far and as much again to scan, going back 30 years. I’m glad you like his stuff. keep an eye on his blog as he puts up random stuff old and new. Being dyslexic he is entirely self taught. His style has influenced and inspired a lot of people. I was of the old school, but he put me right when he said “Dad, just get the image, don’t waste time trying to get it perfect otherwise it’s gone’ Regards Mr R Watson

    Comment by Gavins Dad — July 17, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

  2. […] of documentary-style realism and a more subjective-style of portraiture. Her style remind me of Gavin Watson‘s photos of British skinheads. Posted in arts, historiesTags: carol jerrems, sharpies, […]

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