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port credit, what!? | January 5, 2010

home-town hockey-time.


Tomorrow I’m going to lace up my skates for the first time in years, take to the ice, shoot the puck around in a game of shinny with one of my co-workers. I’m excited.
I cut my hockey-teeth at Port Credit Memorial Arena, early morning practices in the dark and all that, all those stories that everyone tells. Walked to the arena in knee-high snow, uphill…
Later in life I worked at Bert’s Sports Chalet – an institution in Port Credit. The last three photos were taken by me on a recent trip back home. I discovered that Anand, the owner of Bert’s and one of my favourite all-time bosses (pictured above, surrounded by his downstairs skate collection), had sold the company. It was his last Christmas season in the shop before turning over the keys to the new guy. A sad day, really.
I would’ve liked to have my skates sharpened by the master one last time, but my old tacks were here in Halifax.


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