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revolutionary equipment. | January 4, 2010

Ivan E. Coyote. Bow Grip.

“I hung up hard, wishing I didn’t always sound like such a fucking idiot on the voicemail. For some reason, answering machines always made my heart pound. Something about my words being on a machine; a permanent record of me not knowing what to say.”

I just finished reading this novel about a man whose wife leaves him after five years of marriage, leaves him for the big city, leaves him for another woman.
And then I found this advertisement for a revolutionary concept. Featuring the telephone. And answering equipment.
I guess I was drawn to this particular quote because I am anti-message. I never leave them and don’t have voicemail service, so people can’t leave me messages either.
Maybe I’m scared of the permanence, but I think I’m actually always too-caught-off-guard, not witty enough…


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