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black power. | December 3, 2009

Emory Douglas. Minister of Culture, Black Panther Party 1967 – 1980.

I first encountered Emory Douglas’ art in a magazine in Southern Mexico.
As Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers, Douglas used his mad graphic skillz to illustrate the national newspaper The Black Panther.
I like the simplicity of the images, the two-tone – it makes a cheap print job look dope. Reminds me of woodblock prints.
More Art + Politics!

(I’d post more of his work, I have more to post, I’d like to post more but I’m struggling with the layout, struggling so much, I’ve been trying for far too long to make this happen, far too long, so long that it’s becoming embarrassing and what began as a meditative end to my day has become overly stressful and now I’m going to retire this post, pick up my book, read, read, read, sleep…).


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